Based in Devon.

Enjoys visual puns.

An array of noms de plume.

Habitual antagonist.


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I like cutting out pictures that I find interesting and enjoy sticking the best ones together.

My collages can be sparse, awkward and offhand: often after-thoughts created from offcuts.


I have a collection of glues.


Sometimes I use a computer to cut up images.

Sometimes I sew scraps together as books.

Sometimes I’m asked to show my collages in a gallery.


All my work is an excuse to delight in the colour and materiality of chanced-upon things.


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I work with Madeleine Hearn on our collaborative project; Pineapple Falls.

We make, share and show papery fancies and playful novelties.

Together we laugh at funny things.


As one third of Counter I have helped to produce four surprising editions of an art-book fair at different locations in Plymouth.


I play with pixels and mess about with code and cobble together websites, including the one you are looking at now.


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